How do I prepare my above ground pool for the summer?

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Here is where all the expense and hard work of installing and maintaining an outdoor above-ground swimming pool pays off – IT’S SUMMERTIME! What could be better than a clean, sparkling pool to escape the hot days and warm balmy evenings of the Texas summer?

If you have an above-ground pool in your home, the chances are that you have been all too excited about jumping into it as soon as the summer was here, right? Well, before you get too ‘hot’ (pun intended) about it, have you ever considered if your swimming pool is ready to serve you in summer or not?

Remember that it is the maintenance and preparation that makes your summer in the pool a success. It is less about the dollars you spend than it is about the time and care you take. At Quality Pool Service, Inc., we have been in the swimming pool business since 1974, and we know the importance of preparing a pool for the summer correctly. With that in mind, we have compiled this list of tips to help you get your above ground pool ready for lazy summer afternoons. Let’s dive in!


 Ideally, you will have drained your above-ground pool during the winter months, so the first thing to do is give the whole area a really good scrub with a cleaner designed especially for a pool. You can probably get this at your local pool supply store or Walmart. While you are at it and in a “getting ready for summer” mood, give the pool furniture a swipe or two.

While you are cleaning the pool, check for cracks and splits in the lining of your pool, and repair these as needed. If your pool still has water in it, you will need to drain it and then use a wet vac of some kind to clear out any debris that has built up. You will also need to scrub off any algae built up on the sides of the pool and find a pro to scan the pool lining for cracks and splits. You will need to drain the pool if any are found.


Update your pool equipment

Pumps and filters will need a thorough cleaning and a trial run before you use them. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to do this. Careful servicing now could prevent a good deal of extra expense later. Now is also the time to replace broken or old appliances. You have enough time to break the appliance in, and everything should be back to normal in time for mid-summer swimming. Check over your automatic cleaner, filter, skimmer, chemical feeder, lights, and other supplies before you are overwhelmed by antsy swimmers.

Let’s talk chemicals

You now need to adjust the chlorine levels of your above-ground pool so that any irritating organic compounds are removed. Either buy a test kit or just take a sample of the pool water to the local pinch-a-penny store. They have special equipment that tests your sample for chlorine levels, algae, calcium, and other things. They also have all the needed chemicals for clearing up any cloudiness in the water and shocking your pool.

Maintain your pool regularly

Getting your swimming pool up and running is not enough; it is also equally important to maintain it regularly; otherwise, your pool would soon revert to the same bad condition that you had originally found it in! As part of your above-ground pool maintenance work, you should be doing the following kinds of maintenance on your pool at least once per week:

  • Brush both your pool as well as the pool deck thoroughly
  • Get rid of any and all the debris and junk you find in the pool and clean it well using a vacuum cleaner
  • Use chemicals to cleanse the water of its impurities
  • Regularly empty both the skimmer as well as the pump baskets
  • Make sure your pool filters remain clean
  • Check the strainer basket often for leaks and cracks as leaks in it can permit debris to get through it, etc.
  • If possible, buy an automatic above ground pool cleaner; believe us, it will save you a lot of the time you spend on pool maintenance, and the money you invest in it is worth every penny!
  • You need to get rid of stale water regularly and refill your pool with fresh water. Do this as often as possible; the more often you do it, the longer your pool would last!

Making your pool ready for the summer season can be quite the undertaking. Adding chemicals is easy enough if you know what you are doing, but the time it takes to handle all of the other stuff that goes into keeping your pool clean and safe really adds up. Instead of trying to take it all on yourself, consider hiring a pool service this summer to help you take care of your pool needs.

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Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Pool

And Spend More Time Enjoying It!

Call Quality Pool Service, Inc. in Dallas, TX For a Free Quote Today

Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Pool

And Spend More Time Enjoying It!

Call Quality Pool Service, Inc. in Dallas, TX For a Free Quote Today

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