How to Design a Swimming Pool Structure?

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Are you planning on designing or installing a whole swimming pool? Given below are a few insightful points from a swimming pool design expert at Quality Pool Service Inc.

This blog will find all key factors you need to consider before starting any residential swimming pool project. Having a swimming pool in your home has many benefits and can serve you and your family with an abundance of purposes.

From necessary leisure and relaxation, health, being part of your landscape’s aesthetic appeal, or merely a statement of wealth and status, swimming pools can be a great addition to your property.


But what most homeowners don’t understand is that a swimming pool is also a commitment since it is a quite substantial investment that, if not planned correctly, can soon become unappealing, underused, and even dangerous.

As much as the primary purpose of having a swimming pool (to enjoy) is easy to achieve, the design process is anything but, and it is critical for you, as the homeowner, to think about all the aspects from the outset if you wish to avoid any expensive mistakes.

Before you commit

Our professionals from Quality Pool Service Inc. advise homeowners that you need to ask yourself if it is essential or not.  A swimming pool is a massive commitment towards construction costs, treatment, regular maintenance, energy, water, and many other priorities.

You must assess how much your swimming pool will be used, by whom, and for what purpose. You also need to take into consideration what other alternative you have instead of getting a swimming pool.

Some homeowners believe that if they want to swim, it would be better to go to their local club instead of constructing a swimming pool in their house.

If you wish to, you can also choose to get a playroom, wine store, gymnasium, and other amenities constructed inside your home instead of getting a swimming pool. This is why we suggest you make sure that a swimming pool is an absolute necessity for your home before you start planning the project.

Indoor, outdoor, or hybrid swimming pool

There are various factors at play when deciding on getting an indoor, hybrid, or outdoor swimming pool. For example, your swimming pool’s function and use may have individual requirements to dictate where your swimming pool needs to be located.

Practical yet critical matters include the implementation of adjoining structures, geotechnical characteristics, underground services, and hydrology of your setting since your swimming pool will weigh a lot.

You also need to make sure your swimming pool is in the best location for proper drainage and services. Once you have a better idea of what’s possible, you can start planning your swimming pool’s design and look.

Indoor swimming pool

An indoor swimming pool will provide you year-round use along with a controlled environment, which is ideal for cooler climates.

These swimming pools require more design thought; for example, your swimming pools finish will affect your space’s overall feel and other aspects such as acoustics and regular maintenance.

You will also need a different approach if you wish to get an above-ground swimming pool with plenty of ventilation and natural light, compared to underground enclosures where light and fit will determine how you feel in the space.

Outdoor swimming pools

When it comes to outdoor swimming pools, all homeowners look for the most extensive area with minimal obstructions, ensuring that it receives most of the sunlight and is ideally away from all the trees.

Constructing your swimming pool away from any trees will reduce the overall debris that falls into your swimming pool and avoid other issues like overshadowing, root protection zones, etc. Doing this can help you determine the available space you have to get your pool constructed.

Swimming pools built on a sloping plot can make a fantastic feature, mostly when built as an infinity pool that connects the water with a fantastic view.

The climatic condition of your home will also play an essential role in the location of your swimming pool. In case you live someplace hot, you may want to shift your pool closer to the building, which allows shielding against the sun’s scorching heat.

It would help if you also considered any planning restrictions in your area. Even though a domestic garden pool might not require consent, it would be worth checking with your local planning authority as tree preservation orders, conservation area constraints, and various other factors may restrict you from getting what’s possible.

Hybrid swimming pools

A hybrid swimming pool is when a pool is partly outdoors, partly indoors. These swimming pools have proven to be a success, which links the benefits of both options.

The swimming pool is divided using an insulated boom sliding up from your floor, which then meets windows sliding down from above.

Depending on the arrangement and approach, the boom and window can be opened to create one long pool. In contrast, during the winter months, the boom can be lowered, and your window will continue to provide air separation between outside and inside.

The inside and outside also have separate water treatment plants, ensuring that the outside pool can be maintained at a sufficient temperature to help it get through winters. In contrast, the indoor portion is heated to fit your everyday needs ensuring that energy is not wasted.

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Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Pool

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Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Pool

And Spend More Time Enjoying It!

Call Quality Pool Service, Inc. in Dallas, TX For a Free Quote Today

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