What Happens If You Put Up A Pool Without A Permit?

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With summers in full swing, it may have tempted you to put up a swimming pool. If you already have one, great! But if you are planning to construct a new pool, there are certain things you must take care of, and a permit is the most important one.

Do you need a permit to put up a pool? 

Each state or city has its own set of requirements for constructing a swimming pool in residential or commercial spaces. You do not require permits for cosmetic projects or to replace current wiring or plumbing. However, under most circumstances, installing, repairing, or filling a swimming pool, necessitates acquiring a permit.

Pool Repair

In simple words, if you are going to make square footage additions or are remodeling your space, a pool permit in Texas is mandatory. If there is plumbing, AC and heating, or electrical work involved, make sure only a licensed professional does that, and the same is also stated in the permit. Permit offices ensure that your documents have all the necessary information for safety purposes. And also for you to stay in compliance with the state’s regulations.  

All permits are obtained through Development Services. There also are exemptions under certain circumstances, but watch out for specific information and be 100% sure.  

In some states, if you want to construct a kiddy pool, you do not need a permit. However, a few other states mandate having a permit even for inflatable kiddie pools that you buy at Target or for pools deeper than 18 inches.

Zoning check, inspection, site plan, and construction review plan all become necessary if you want to have a pool deeper than 24 inches covering more than 150 sq. ft. area in some cities. But besides a general building permit, you may also need an electrical license in few other towns.

If you contact a licensed swimming pool contractor, they shall tell you about the applicable requirements. Their expertise and due diligence will make sure nothing is overlooked in your project.

What if you do not obtain a permit?

Getting a pool permit sounds like a tedious process. But it is rather quick and easy, and you must not neglect its importance. If your state authorities do not allow putting up a pool without a permit, the chances are that you can be slapped with hefty fines. In case you have constructed one without a permit, you may even have to demolish the pool. Thus it is essential to check with your local authorities before installing the pool as it only saves your time, energy, and money.

How can you obtain a pool permit?

You can either visit the concerned authority office and collect the application forms or check out the official websites online to download the necessary documents. Procedures vary at every authority – some may require more documentation while others may differ on charges. But you can ask the representatives and get all the information regarding fees, inspections, criteria, and more on pool building regulations.

Some jurisdictions also make it mandatory to list the property plan, location of pool, electrical installation, septic systems, sewer pipes, information about the pool pump, and structures like fences, retaining walls, or decking around the pool that you might want to construct, etc. For in-ground concrete pools, an engineer’s plan also needs to be submitted. Moreover, a professional pool contractor can help you organize all these details with absolute precision and get the permit without any hassles.

What about the fees and approval time?

Charges vary. However, these usually range from around $50 to $200. It can be below or above what is quoted here, but this is an average for pool permit applications in Texas. You can inquire at your local building department to know the exact charges. 

Coming to the approvals, the permit may be granted in just a day, but it can also take a few weeks, depending on the type of application and the procedures involved. 

There’s More!

The company that you choose for the construction of your swimming pool can also work on requesting the building permit. They follow a checklist to make sure that the documentation is complete before granting authorization so you can have the pool of your dreams.

In Conclusion

All in all, it is mandatory to fill out an application and attach the structural drawings. After this, the city reviews your plan and approves the same or may even request corrections. Ideally, a swimming pool permit is required to be issued by your city or county before starting any work, or else you can face hefty fines. In fact, even the contractors do not start with their job before the previous steps are taken care of.

Also, once you have the permit, and the plans of constructions are right in place, babysit every step so are assured that you are getting all that you have paid for. Additions that are done right also increase the value of your space – anything that is not in term with the city laws and codes can get you in trouble and downgrade the value of your property.

After your new pool is constructed and opened up for the season, regular maintenance will be mandatory. Hygiene and safety are as vital as obtaining permits. You have invested a massive amount in getting your pool constructed, make sure you also take care of it throughout its lifetime.

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All pool owners are responsible for finding and following the guidelines concerning their pools. Thus, ensure that you suffice the legal requirements of your location and follow the safety measures. And when it comes to restoration services, we are here to help you out.

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Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Pool

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Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Pool

And Spend More Time Enjoying It!

Call Quality Pool Service, Inc. in Dallas, TX For a Free Quote Today

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