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Pool owners in Texas often keep asking our experts about the most cooling pool deck surface that’s also safe, stylish, and durable.

A pool deck, AKA pool patio is the area surrounding your pool where you place your lounging chairs, tables, and other furniture. A pool deck that’s contemporary and well-maintained looks and feels absolutely stunning.

It is the pool deck that can easily incorporate a personalized flair provided you build it right. The surface that’s inviting and well-constructed makes a perfect place for sunbathing, entertainment, and extra fun.

So if your existing pool deck looks dull, old, and uninspired, or you have the same question as above, consider these easy and affordable options to add a fresh and cooling look to the entire poolscape.


  1. Concrete

Poured concrete is what most people opt for as an inexpensive and excellent pool deck surface option. It comes in a variety of color options. One can choose to go for stamped concrete that resembles brick, stone, or tile surfaces. It’s a more workable and standard choice. Plus, it can virtually take the shape of any curve or pattern to maintain a personalized style. However, there are also broom-finished concrete deck surfaces that cost more and have more numerous customization options. However, concrete isn’t the best in winters as constant freezing and thawing can cause early cracking. But it’s still a popular choice if you live in the Dallas area. Plus, if it’s a smaller area, you can do-it-yourself. For larger areas, leave it to the pros!

  1. Stone

Stone decking is a versatile option, and you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It lasts much longer and adds a timeless appeal to the area. So whatever type you choose, it balances the aesthetics of your yard. Stone is a popular choice among pool owners who have a design with cascading waterfalls, boulders, and other structures. It offers an unmatched style to all architectures while being durable and convenient. The stone finish also provides better and natural friction abilities adding to the poolside safety for everyone. It not only looks great but also performs well and is practically a no to low maintenance material. It’s an expensive choice but hard to beat and best installed by professionals.

  1. Tile

Tiles add a touch of elegance to just any surface. But make sure you’re going for the unglazed ones since the glazed tiles are slippery and inappropriate under wet settings like that of a pool. You can pick different shapes and sizes to suit your particular needs, and there’s no limitation of installing just he regular square or rectangular tiles. Square tiles, however, are more popular and can replicate the design of wood, marble, brick, or stone. You also get self-adhesive tiles that stick onto the existing concrete or bare surface, making the installation straightforward and quick. The surface beneath just needs to be prepped and smoothened for a precise and lasting fitting. Contact the experts at Quality Pool Service, Inc., in case you need repair services.

  1. Pavers

Pavers look absolutely gorgeous and remain much cooler than most other materials in the warmer months of summers. These are attractive, durable, and slip-resistant as well. You can choose either brick, concrete, or travertine pavers for your pool-related needs. Each type is suitable to endure the effects of the pool water. As part of a pool deck surface, pavers give you great design and texture opportunities. These complement just any style and come in a variety of color options as well. Maintenance is easy and economical. You can simply replace the damaged pavers and sit back to relax. Also, the colors of this material hold on to several years, which again is an advantage.

  1. Surface Coatings

Epoxy surface coating is another excellent option for your pool deck to relatively stay cool even under the scorching summer sun. It’s a combination of sand, cement, and polymer resins to effectively bond well with the existing surface and keep it from aging any further. Although it’s a spray-on or brush-on coating, the substances it contains make it water-resistant, UV-blocking, and non-slippery. It’s an economical and practical option for pool decks that need a facelift. Surface coating is low maintenance and can also be customized to obtain different colors or texture. But these won’t fix pools with deeper problems such as massive cracking and more.


Decking has an essential role in maintaining the safety and aesthetics of your pool. So, whatever material you choose, make sure to consult a pool expert to make an informed and apt choice. Be sure to also discuss the preventive measures to delay the wear and tear and make the most of your swimming season.

You have plenty of opportunities to get as creative as possible, but one wrong move and all the efforts will be shattered. Make every step count – let your pool decking be beautiful, affordable, and safe for all!

Contact Quality Pool Service, Inc. professionals for a free consultation or if you’re interested in learning more about pool deck surface options. We offer top-notch commercial and residential pool services in and around Dallas, Plano, and Frisco. From cleaning to repair and renovation – we do it all.

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Spend Less Time Taking Care of Your Pool

And Spend More Time Enjoying It!

Call Quality Pool Service, Inc. in Dallas, TX For a Free Quote Today

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